How to Remove Fake Tan to Even Out Your Skin Instantly

If you have landed on this page, it means you must be dealing with those unwanted patches or a beauty mishap. Yeah! The dodgy brown marks on knees, palms, elbows and ankle that are the result of the wrong application of fake tan. These mishaps are inevitable especially if you are doing at your own. Stay adhered, if a question is popping into your head that how to remove fake tan.

Fortunately, there are some easy to follow methods that help to eradicate fake tan immediately at home.

One of the biggest setbacks of the fake tan is the removal process that is indeed time-intensive.  However, we will unleash the best methods that make removing tan a hell a lot of easier.

How to Avoid These Dodgy Brown Marks In The First Place

Exfoliate the body before self tanning and consider using oil free body lotion.

‘Shaving should be taken care of 24 hours before a self tan application or spray tan. This gives the pores time to seal over and avoids any guide colour sitting in the pores,’ says James Harknett.

  • Before you start the self tanning process, moisture every part you are about to tan so your body can create a barrier on part of skin that is prone to dryness.
  • When you tan at home, wear loose and dark coloured cloth and make sure that it does not get absorbed on couches or elsewhere.

How to Remove fake Tan – Tips to Even out Your Skin

If you want to know how to remove fake tan then here are some life-saving and expert methods that will not just even out your skin but make it look healthier, shinier than ever before.

1.   Lemon Juice and baking soda will fade the tan

Lemon juice and baking soda will not instantly remove self tan but will fade it to a significant extent. Make a mixture of both the kitchen ingredients, apply it to your skin for more than five minutes and follow exfoliating body lotion.

REPEAT it several times in order to get satisfying result.

2.    Heat can soften the tan

One of the most overlooked DIY methods in removing fake tan is sitting in a stream for half an hour. It can help to soften the tan. After taking a stream, rub your skin with a tower in circular motion or with any scrub. Make sure you are not vigorously Scrubbing as scrubbing vigorously can end up with more patches.

Use massage oil after stream and spread it all over. Massage evenly and repeat the process multiple times for a subtler look.

3.   Get a Fake Tan remover cream, scrub or lotion

If you are not satisfied with your question how to remove fake tan then consider this proven and result-driven alternative – buy products that are being sold in the online market as fake tan remover. You can do try out DIY methods but having one product like this can be godsend. You need to apply such products on your dry body and rinse it with lukewarm water after some time.

Use such products in conjunction with some DIY methods to witness how effectively tan will get off in less than a day.

4.   Acetone in Nail Polish will remove the strains

Want to know how to get tan off quickly? Use a nail polish remover as it contains a acetone that will break down the tan and bring back your old skin.

Make sure to not use it on your face. Use it in your hands and see how fake tan disappears after few minutes.

5.   Toothpaste

White tooth paste can be an excellent option if you want to remove a small strain like between your fingers.

Use an old tooth brush and rub it slowly on affected area and wash it out after two minutes.

6.   Fruits with citric acid

Fruits that contain citric acid can remove the stubborn tan effortlessly. It is good to give juice a few minute heats before applying over patchy areas.

7.   White vinegar

The acidity properties of white vinegar will bring back the old skin quite effortlessly. Dab it onto the skin with cotton pad and rinse it off after few minutes to see how quickly the tan has been taken off.


Bottom Line

Fake Tan is life saver for those who are not blessed with the olive or sun-kissed skin.  In order to look slimmer, healthier and more vibrant self tanning is the only option that most of people opt. However, there are inevitable mishaps involved while you self tan at home. Above are some expert remedies that can even out your skin. The tips are easy to follow, not time-intensive and instantly take off the old tan. Also, if you are interested in re-applying the tan, the first step should be removing the first tan.



Can a trip to swimming pool remove tan?

Swimming pools have artificial chlorine that is abrasive on the skin and help to remove the fake tan.

How to remove fake tan from hands?

There are many ingredients that help you to remove the fake tan stains from hands including lemon juice, baking soda, tooth paste, White vinegar, and nail polish remover. You can also use any tan remover lotion or cream available in online stores to completely remove the tan.

How to remove fake tan at home?

Removing self tanner is doable, all you need is right set of ingredients like mixture of lemon juice and baking soda or you can try other hacks including any tan remover scrub, enzyme mask, or a mixture of baby oil and brown sugar to effectively remove tan.

From where should I order tan removing sprays, water and lotion?

There are tons of sites that provide sprays, water and lotion that instantly remove the unnatural tan. However, consider buying from Amazon or EBay for more reliable products.

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