How Can I Grow 6 inches taller Without Taking Supplements

Fortunately, there are some factors that if rightly executed can make you as much tall as you like. If you are stuck with the question of how can I grow 6 inches taller then you should know that major contributors in the overall height of an individual are genetic factors.

Chances are you will be around the same height as your parents, if one parent is taller than another the chances are your height will be somewhere between them.

Simply put, genes account for 80% of your height, and the remaining factors that decide how tall you can be are the environmental and nutritional factors.

There are simple tricks that can maximize your growth and make it more likely to accelerate the extent of speed you grow.

How can I grow 6 inches taller?

If you are wondering how can I grow 6 inches taller naturally then we’ve got you covered in this blog. The nine simple steps will promote growth and make you taller in comparatively less time.

1.      Healthy food

Food plays an instrumental role in your overall growth. Children who particularly skip their breakfast are more likely to face stunted growth. Eating a healthy diet is important to boost metabolism and your overall growth and height.

Note: Remember having a healthy and nutrient-enriched breakfast as it will influence growth and helps to increase your height.

What food should you consume to grow tall?

Proteins are the building blocks of muscles and someone’s physical growth. Rather than having milk and cereal or bread-jam in the breakfast. Consider combining them all and eat an omelet multigrain toast and a glass of milk. Moreover, develop a habit of incorporating the followings into your diet

  • Fresh vegetables and fruits
  • Dairy
  • Whole grain
  • Meat
  • Proteins

The food you should avoid is saturated fats and sugar. Sometimes the deficiency of calcium prevents growth. It is recommendable to maintain an accurate level of calcium as it affects your bone density and height. Also, choose food that has more natural calcium like yogurt or milk.

2.      Adequate sleep

The emerging problem in teens and adult is that they don’t sleep as much as their body demands. Growing children and adolescents should sleep 9-11 hours. If they don’t sleep enough, muscles will not have enough time to relax which prevents growth. Make sure to have plenty of sleep because night time is considered to be the growing point of kids because during sleep your body produces growth hormones that stimulate height.

3.      Use appropriate supplements with caution

In some cases when your growth sucks or your genetic makeup is designed in such a way that growing taller seems impossible then you can use the supplement with caution.  The supplement should be used to speed up the growth process.

Make sure to never be fooled by the deceptive practices of those height gaining supplements. These are generally less effective and if they fuse their growth plates, it is more likely you will never be able to grow taller anymore.

Note: Use supplements only when it is required as if you have a medical condition that is affecting your growth. In such cases, a doctor may prescribe you a supplement that can trigger those hormones and grow you taller.

4.      Slouching and feeling slumped

Poor posture not just brings back or neck pain but also affects the way you look. Regular slump and slouch may lead to a poor posture that makes you shorter than you are.

Therefore, you should remind children to be mindful when they stand, sit, or sleep. Some exercises are designed to improve posture.

5.      Use Yoga to influence growth

Yoga can strengthen your muscles and also rectifies the poor posture. Yoga can be performed at home or in a studio or gym where a Yogee guides a group of people to perform it rightly to maximize the results.

6.      Regular exercise

Staying active is crucial for your health. The right exercise not just strengthens muscles and bones but also maintain an ideal height and trigger the growth hormones. However, you need to be specific when it comes to exercising like consider doing pushups, sit-ups, or go for aerobic exercises such as biking, roping, jumping. Exercise is equally beneficial for adults to maintain good health and reduce the chance of osteoporosis.

How can I grow 6 inches taller

Best exercises to improve the height

  • Pelvic shift
  • Hanging
  • Single-Leg hoping
  • Side stretching
  • Skipping
  • Standing stretch
  • Swimming
  • Toe lifts
  • Legs up
  • Land swimming
  • Jump squats
  • Inversion table exercise
  • Side planks

7.      Six small meals in a day

Instead of having three heavy meals in a day better divide it into six. Your height is contingent upon the food you take. Hence, make sure to incorporate all essential nutrients in your diet required to promote natural growth in height.

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8.      Prevent Obesity

Prevention of obesity is just as it is hard to treat and greatly affects your height. If you want to know how can I grow 6 inches taller then make sure to maintain ideal body weight by eating food that contains less fat and more healthy nutrients.

  • Don’t use beverages with added sugars rather drink maximum water.
  • Reduce the screenplay to less than one or two hours a day
  • Encourage physical activities and your refrigerator should be stocked with low-fat milk and fat-free food rather than snacks high in sugar or soft drinks.

9.      Increase immune system

The immune system plays a crucial part in your overall height. To ensure a good height, it is important to keep the immune system functioning and fit. If you have any underline medical issues or suffering from illness or disease it can result in stunted growth. To improve immunity, eat food that has more vitamin E.


I hope you’ve got covered about your question that ‘how can I grow 6 inches taller’? When you’re done with puberty, you are done with your overall growth. However certain factors contribute to extend the growth process and make it go to your adulthood. Above are mentioned some simple tricks that influence growth and help you to be taller.

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